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Bakers Tools

Eureka Springs Kitchen Store – Tummy Ticklers

posted Jun 01st by Faryl Kaye

Are you a foodie? Do you love to putter in your kitchen? If so, a visit to Tummy Ticklers, a Eureka Springs kitchen store is a must on your next visit. This amazing tiny shop is jam-packed with unusual and useful utensils. Try the latest gadgets, jams, fresh coffee beans, loose teas, and amazing Rada […]


Cozy kitty bed.

Pet Friendly – Blackie’s Backyard

posted Aug 31st by Faryl Kaye

Pet Friendly – Blackie’s Backyard As a pet owner, we are always looking for unique and usual items for our furry family members. Look no further! Located in downtown Eureka Springs, Blackie’s Backyard is a great store for both Pets and Pet Lovers.  Your dog will know he is in a pet friendly store immediately.   […]



Lake Lucerne Resort and Ranch’s Latest Additions

posted Nov 24th by Faryl Kaye

A miniature horse, three miniature donkeys, two llamas, six alpacas, seven geese, four rescue dogs, and two or more cats all reside at this Eureka Springs Resort. What’s missing from this list? Chickens, of course! The owner, Faryl Kaye, couldn’t resist and last spring added sixteen baby chicks. We’d like to be able to show […]


Baby Titmouse

Birds at Lake Lucerne Resort in Eureka Springs

posted Jun 26th by Faryl Kaye

Birds Love the Resort If you love birds, Lake Lucerne will be a paradise for you.  Recently we were reading about the bird population here in the United States.   About 900 different bird species can be seen in the United States and Canada. Surprisingly 380 have been documented here in our beautiful state of Arkansas. […]


Mom Greets Newborn

Eureka Springs Has A New Baby Alpaca

posted Jun 23rd by Faryl Kaye

Six months ago a new arrival happened at our Lake Lucerne Resort & Ranch. Woody, a baby Alpaca,  weighed in at 15.6 pounds. He was up and posing with his mom, Qatar, in minutes. The second he arrived, Atticus one of our Llamas was checking him out. Atticus is responsible for his overall safety, and […]


Family Friendly Fun in Eureka Springs: Underground and in the Air (Part 2)

posted Jun 02nd by Faryl Kaye | , , ,

There is a whole world awaiting visitors to discover – Underground Eureka! Both history and gentle adventure, this can be a fun family activity. Daily tours will take you under downtown buildings and sidewalks to see what once was the main floor and street level, long since build over to get away from all the […]


Family Friendly Fun in Eureka Springs: Caves! (Part 1)

posted May 26th by Faryl Kaye | , ,

When asked about kid-friendly things to do in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, I always ask a question in reply: What kind of kids do you have? Do they (or you) need a more amusement park-like atmosphere? Rides, shows and video games? Do they prefer the Branson-esque action, each vacation day packed with constant stimuli? Or would […]


Art Festival in Eureka Springs

posted May 20th by Faryl Kaye

The month of May is all about art in Eureka Springs in all its many forms. The May Arts Festival kicked off with the ArtRageous Parade the first weekend of the month. This artful and sometimes outrageous parade rolled through downtown Eureka Springs featuring colorful floats, walkers, bands looking ArtRageous as only Eureka can. Winner […]


New Lake Lucerne Guest Review

posted Mar 14th by Faryl Kaye

It’s always fun to read reviews that our guests write about the Historic Cottages at Lake Lucerne. They all have different “favorites” but the major theme is about relaxing and getting away. New review: “My wife and I have never been to Eureka Springs before. Although this time of year the town is relatively empty, […]


Love Conquers All

posted Mar 09th by Faryl Kaye

Most of our guests at The Peabody House and The Inn at Rose Hall know we own Lake Lucerne Cottages and the lake by the same name. Lake Lucerne is a small 6-acre lake two miles south of downtown Eureka Springs. Over the past five years our guests have watched the waterfowl change from time […]