Enroll in our Critter Class

Fun!  Lively!  Experiential!  Learn all about the critters at Lake Lucerne Resort and Ranch.  Spend 1 hour with our farm critters.  Learn all about their habits, requirements and personalities.  It’s a fun family experience. Giving you and your children an opportunity to learn together and be hands on with the farm animals at Lake Lucerne Resort and Ranch. Our Critter Class will introduce you to all the animals.  It’s a learning experience, time to take photographs, and make new critter friends.  We can customize classes for your particular interest.

Schedule for Tours

10 AM – 11 AM Thursday and Saturday
1PM – 2PM Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Advance bookings are required. Weather permitting.


  • Meet the alpaca herd in the paddocks.
  • Learn fascinating facts about alpacas.
  • Hand feed the female alpaca herd treats – alpaca kibble.
  • Meet our baby alpacas.
  • Walk the male alpacas around the paddock and reward them for their manners.
  • Learn about alpaca fiber use and processing of fiber.
  • Take fun photos with the alpacas. Don’t forget to bring your camera.
  • Take home a sample of alpaca or llama fiber.

Greet the Donkeys

Critter Class at Lake Lucerne Resort and Ranch, Eureka Springs
  • Meet Felix, Tilly and Radar.
  • Feed them a piece of fruit from your hand.
  • Learn about the job they do.
  • Find out about their status in the world today.

Intro to the Chickens

Chicken handling in Critter Class at Lake Lucerne Resort and Ranch
  • Learn the different Heritage breeds of chickens.
  • Pet a chicken or two
  • Take home a real farm fresh egg and pretty feather.

Meet the Llamas

Llama at Critter Class Lake Lucerne Resort and Ranch, Eureka Springs
  • Meet Mr. Atticus and Apollo
  • Learn how they protect the other animals.
  • Learn how helpful they in carrying heavy loads.
Alpacas at Lake Lucerene Resort and Ranch Eureka Springs AR


Fees: $15 per person (15 years+)
$ 5 per child (5-14 years)
$25 Family Pass (2 adults and 2 children under 15 years)

All children must be accompanied by an adult during class. Classes run for one hour. This class may not be suitable for children under 5 years of age as their attention span is difficult to hold for an hour.

You may want to make arrangements for them to come at a specified time and just watch and touch our critters for a few minutes.

Important Points: If you brought your dog with you this trip, please leave them in your cottage/cabin or in your well-ventilated car.

Please note we have the right and responsibility to keep our critters safe. Guests displaying inappropriate or unsafe behavior may be asked to leave the class.