Eureka Springs Mountain Biking

Eureka Springs – A Hub for Mountain Biking

Tucked away in the heart of the Ozark Mountains is Eureka Springs, Arkansas surrounded by an area that is rapidly becoming known as one of the most popular areas for mountain biking in the country.

New mountain biking trails are being built at an unprecedented rate with the support of the Walton Family Foundation with their goal being to help create a healthier community and economy in the region.  The popularity of the sport is increasing rapidly with more than 90,000 bicycle tourists visiting the state in the last year to mountain bike. 

The new trails are for both the experienced rider who wants to test their skill set to the fullest and the beginning rider that just wants to enjoy the scenery through the dazzling mountainous terrain and experience the freedom mountain biking allows. 

New Trails

Mountain Biking in Eureka Springs

The Lake Leatherwood City Park in Eureka Springs already encompasses more than 1600 acres.  The original mountain biking trails in the park are over twenty years old.  The new construction of six downhill trails are each over a mile-long  and will be open year round.  There are lots of short tough climbs, ridge-line flow, technical rock drops and some beautiful views of the lake. Shuttle service is available to take riders back to the top of the hill to test their skills on the next downhill challenge. 

Along with Lake Leatherwood the Passion Play Trail System on the other side of Eureka Springs is creating eighteen miles of hiking and mountain biking trails that will ultimately connect with the Lake Leatherwood City Park trails.  When completed there will be 5 expert, 7 intermediate, and 5 beginner trails. Each trail is graded for mountain biking difficulty.  It is recommend you monitor your skill set before upgrading to a more difficult level.

Fat Tire Festival

The upcoming 21st annual Fat Tire Festival, July 12-14, 2019 will put the new trails to good use.  The three day weekend will be packed with downhill, super-d, short track and cross country racing.  There will be a lot of riders, spectators and party-goers from the region at this event.

Lake Lucerne Resort and Ranch Hosts Mountain Biking Community

At Lake Lucerne Resort and Ranch we are excited to encourage our mountain biking guests.  We talked to number of them asking, “What can we do to support you in enjoying your sport?”  Hands down each of them said, “We want a safe place to leave our bikes at night and a way to clean them after our ride.” We’ve complied with their requests.  We have locked overnight storage for mountain bikes.  Our new bike station has a selection of tools and a bike mount so you can wash and work on your bike at the end of your days ride.

Eureka Springs Mountain Biking

Once your bike is ready for the next day you can enjoy your evening out in Eureka Springs.  Return to Lake Lucerne Resort and Ranch for a good nights sleep and be ready to hit the trails again the next morning.

Mountain Biking Packages Available

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