Pet Friendly

Pet Friendly? That’s us!


Have you ever felt guilty as you pulled out of the driveway and your special furry friend is watching you leave on vacation? They are so sad. Your favorite family member shouldn’t have to stay at home when you visit us at Lake Lucerne Resort and Ranch in Eureka Springs. Bring them along so they can participate in the family holiday. It’s a chance for them take long walks with you, watch the squirrels and have fun getting acquainted with all the wonderful new smells.

Specific Cottages Are Pet Friendly

At the lake there are four pet-friendly cottages: Cabin 2, Clovertree, Gingerwood and Kingfisher. Our In-Town cottages the Rivendell and Cricket are both pet-friendly.

Make a Reservation for Your Pet


We charge a one-time “extra guest” fee:

  • One Pet $35
  • Two Pets $40
  • Three Pets $45

More than that we need to talk!

It’s important to register your pet/pets. After you have selected your cottage, add the number of pets you are bringing to the “Add to your stay” page. On the guest information page use “Special Accommodations” to list the total number of pets, names, and breed. We rarely say no to any pet guests, but do reserve the right. Four Great Danes might test our pet friendly limits!

You are responsible for picking up after your pet, including kibble, droppings outdoors and FUR! We provide a vacuum in each cottage so you can take care of any fur left behind. When you check-out of the cottage we should not be able to tell there has been a pet staying there. If we have to do any clean-up, fees start at $35+ (as we deem necessary) above our standard pet fee.

Read the Rules to Keep Us Pet Friendly


There are just a few rules for bringing your pet. Please read our pet policies before making your reservation. You will be held accountable to the policies listed on the website/reservation system.

  1. You must have your dog on a leash and under control at all times. Please do not allow your dog to run freely around the property. At home they may stay close but you never know if a wild smell will tempt them to wander off. The Resort is in the woods and we don’t want to have to put together a dog posse to go find them.
  2. Please do not use the resort towels for dirty paws, or the Jacuzzi for dirty dogs. Please use the dog wash station to bath them.
  3. We would prefer you not allow your furry creature to get on the furniture or in the bed. If they do, please bring an old sheet or blanket to throw over the furniture. You are responsible for any damages.
  4. We ask that you not leave your pet in your guest cottage unattended. We would like pets to be crated while you are away from the cottage, just in case there were an emergency and we would need to get into your cottage.

Our Pet Friendly Amenities

  • Pets-11

    Upon arrival our four-legged guests will find a fresh Water and Food Dish specifically for them.

  • Welcome treats- size appropriate.
  • Pet Waste disposal bags
  • Information packet that includes directions to Eureka Springs Doggie Park, local trails, best pet store, and the telephone number for local veterinary and groomer.