Meet the Animals

Donkeys? Llamas? And what the heck is an alpaca?

For those animal enthusiasts, or just people a bit curious about four legged creatures, we’ve started a ranch. A collection of critters to

Eureka Springs Miniature Donkeys
Felix and Tilly, our miniature donkeys

Our first additions are miniature donkeys. Also known as Mediterranean or Sicilian Donkeys or Jerusalem Donkeys. Felix is the red jack (male) was born July 2013. His half sister, Tilly, is another unusual color – spotted. A girl donkey is called a jenny. They will get no more than 36″ at the shoulder. Both are very sweet and intelligent.



Eureka springs miniature horse at lake lucerne resort
Winter’s first day at her new home in Eureka Springs.

Milady de Winter, or Winter as we call her, is a 2 year old miniature horse and came to us from the Mayor of Norfolk, Arkansas who was downsizing his herd. She has crystal blue eyes and is very ornery. She is a nibbler, so pay attention that she doesn’t think your fingers are treats! She’s the boss of the herd, and is the first to greet everyone who visits.



Eureka springs llamas at Lake Lucerne Resort
Atticus our llama getting used to his new digs

This is Atticus, a 2 year old llama. We choose him for his easy personality. Not all llamas like to be touched, but he is pretty lovable. His tri-colored “calico” fleece grows in dread locks, so he is called a Suri Llama, more rare than wool llamas. He is supposed to be a guardian for the herd, which llamas are good at, but he may never develop that personality, as he is very sweet.