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Eureka Springs Kitchen Store – Tummy Ticklers

Are you a foodie?

Do you love to putter in your kitchen? If so, a visit to Tummy Ticklers, a Eureka Springs kitchen store is a must on your next visit. This amazing tiny shop is jam-packed with unusual and useful utensils. Try the latest gadgets, jams, fresh coffee beans, loose teas, and amazing Rada Cutlery. A quote from a customer on their Facebook page, “If it’s for the kitchen and you can’t find it here you don’t need it.”

Bakers Tools
Eureka Springs store – cookie cutters galore!

This Eureka Springs kitchen store has been in business here for over 39 years. Carol Friesen purchased the store 14 years ago. It seems that every resident of Eureka Springs story starts the same way. Carol fell in love with this little Victorian village and wanted to move here. One day she sat down at her computer and googled “Eureka Springs stores for sale.” Tummy Ticklers was for sale. Carol, a child of a jewelry store owner, wanted to take her retail knowledge and shift it to the food world. Carol’s customers know that they can depend upon her to have the latest in fun and unique items.

Latest & Unique Kitchen Toys

Muffin Pans at Eureka Springs shop
Variety of Muffin Pans

Want to bake a pie?  This little kitchen store has everything you need – an assortment of pie plates, pie birds, rolling pins, crust shields, decorative cutters, pastry cloths and even pie dividers ranging from 6, 7, 8, and 12 slices.

Have you ever shocked yourself when chopping an onion and all of a sudden realize you’ve just taken the tip off your fingernail, or even worse nicked your finger.  Here’s a great item…a stainless steel guide to protect your finger tips so you won’t do any damage. And it’s priced cheaper than a band-aid $4.99 at this Eureka Springs kitchen store.


Unusual Handmade Kitchen Gifts

Eureka Springs Handmade pepper gridnders
One of a kind handmade Pepper Grinders

The owner of the Tummy Ticklers, Carol Friesen loves to tinker with wood.  She has created unique hand crafted wood turnings for one of a kind pepper-grinders,  spurtles (Scottish stir sticks), mojito muddlers, wine stoppers, biscuit cutters, or mortar and pestles.

Tummy Ticklers is located just across Main Street from the Eureka Springs Courthouse.