Experience Lake Lucerne

Boating on Lake Lucerne

Boat Rental

There are so many things happening in the lake you never see on dry land. Recently we spotted an area where the perch had cleared to lay their eggs in. There was a huge turtle crossing the lake one morning with an obvious goal in mind. Certain times of the year you will see prehistoric grass carp that float to the top of the water in the late afternoon. We encourage our guests to enjoy the show that nature has to offer.

Advance reservations are required to rent the boats. They are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please make a notation on your reservation the day you would like to reserve and whether you want AM or PM. Please email us with your request information.

We have the following boats:

  • 2 kayaks – one person per kayak
  • 9.5 foot metal Jon Boat with oars – 3 people maximum
  • 14 foot metal dory row boat with oars – 4 people maximum

Half-day Rentals – $15 each half day per boat or kayak

Morning session: 8AM-12PM
Afternoon session: 1PM-5PM

All children under 13 years old must wear a life jacket. We require each adult in the boat to sign a liability waiver.