Bridal Couple viewing photos of wedding on Floating Gazebo all, intimate wedding on the floating gazebo at Lake Lucerne Resort and Ranch in Eureka Springs.

Small Weddings at Lake Lucerne Resort and Ranch

Wedding Trends

It’s interesting to watch wedding trends change.  The major trend we have seen over the past three years has been smaller weddings.  More couples want a very intimate wedding, a service that expresses their love to each other.  Just a small wedding with either the two of them or one that includes the immediate family. 

Over the years I would say that eighty percent of the weddings we have done are second marriages.  In most cases the couple wants a very private setting and are slipping away without a lot of fanfare.  In fact many of them are not announcing their nuptials until they return from their wedding. Slipping away for a small wedding allows a couple to create the perfect wedding setting. 

Obtaining a Marriage License

Eureka Springs is the wedding capitol of the south.  It’s a great location for a destination wedding.  It’s very simple to obtain a marriage license here in Eureka Springs.   The courthouse is open from 8:30 a.m.-4:30PM, Monday thru Friday.  The Eureka Springs Courthouse is also open Saturday from 9AM-1PM except on holidays. The cost for a marriage license in Eureka Springs is only $60.00.  There is no waiting period so you can arrive on a Saturday morning, get your license for your wedding the same day.

Couple saying vows on Floating Gazebo on private Lake Lucerne Resort.

Keep Your Wedding Simple

Our goal at the resort is to remove any stress and anxiety about your wedding. We can help you make arrangements for a wedding photographer and obtain a bridal bouquet.  We make a very pretty heart cake to help you celebrate.  If you don’t already have a favorite dining place in Eureka Springs, we will help you decide where to go for lunch or dinner for your special day.

Small Heart Wedding Cake for Lake Lucerne Resort and Ranch weddings.

We limit the number of guests that may attend the wedding, which creates a more intimate atmosphere. The wedding is about our bridal couple and we want it to be a celebration to remember through the years.

Small Wedding on Floating Gazebo

Floating Gazebo on private Lake Lucerne

Most of our weddings at Lake Lucerne Resort and Ranch take place on the floating gazebo on our private Lake Lucerne.  The gazebo has been a focal point of the resort for well over fifty years.  You have nature at its best.  Our songbird chorus produces the music.  We have a lot of resident bird life that appear to enjoy weddings.  We do weddings on the floating gazebo from mid-April through October.  Winter weddings take place in the bridal couples cottage/cabin in front of the fireplace.